Apartments Pag Buljeta – Pag Accommodation – Island of Pag, Croatia

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Apartments Pag Buljeta – Pag Accommodation – Island of Pag, Croatia
Apartments Pag Buljeta
island Pag, Croatia

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Antica Buljeta
Dubrovacka 7
23250 Pag
island Pag, Croatia
Tel: +385 (0)23 612 458
GSM: +385 (0)91 577 7689

Apartments Pag Buljeta

Apartments Pag

Apartments Buljeta Pag are providing accommodation in five apartments for 2 to 5 persons.
All apartments have sat. TV, separate entrances and sea view.

The Island of Pag is one of the largest Croatian islands, the island with the longest coastline, full of embayment, forelands and bays with the hidden wonderful beaches.

The City of Pag, located in the Pag Bay, surrounded by the sandy beaches, is one of the bigger settlements on the island of Pag.

Apartments Buljeta Pag are located out of the city centre, in the Basaca region. The house is just 50 meters away from the sea, close to the number of the small clean sandy beaches.

The house has a wide yard, for the care-free children play, with the parking space, most of the day time in the shadow.

City of Pag

Panorama of Pag
City of Pag - the centre of the island, was founded in the 15th century and today is a rarely found well preserved middle age walled-in town. It is the cultural, touristic and the administrative centre as well.

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